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Allwinner Brand-New A33 Announced
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3 June, 2014 - Allwinner Technology, a worldwideleader in mobile application processor design, today proudly announces itsbrand-new A33, an extremely power efficient processor based on four CortexTM-A7CPUs and Mali400MP2 GPU.  It's pincompatible with the previously announced A23 dual-core processor, greatlyspeeding up the product time to market.


Battery life is always one of our main concerns whenit comes to buying battery-powered mobile consumer electronics devices such astablets due to the limits in battery size and therefore capacity, for thisreason, Allwinner designs the A33 SoC to enable stunning battery lifeexperience for end devices with uncompromised system performance through abalanced combination of several features, including low power CortexTM-A7 CPUarchitecture, advanced fabrication process, optimized DDR technology, hardware1080p video process support, low power Talking standby mode support duringvoice call application, low power MIPI DSI interface, etc, making A33-poweredtablets power consumption even lower than dual-core tablets.

Additionally, A33 features enhanced SmartColordisplay technology that capable of image saturation enhancement and skin toneprotection to deliver more gorgeous and eye-pleasing visual effects.


MainA33 features include:

Pin-compatible with A23 dual core

Four CortexTM-A7 CPUs and Mali400MP2 GPU

1080p video playback and capture

Integrated MIPI DSI controller, up to 1280x800

SmartColor display technology

Integrated Hi-Fi audio codec


Original link: http://www.allwinnertech.com/plus/view.php?aid=398  

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